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There are many tutoring services and learning centers all claiming to help your student. Here is how we differ from the rest.

  • One-on-One Prep. One-on-one preparation is eight times more effective than group preparation.
  • Dedicated Section Preparers. Our preparers are highly qualified in the subject/section they prepare your student.
  • Extremely Competitive Program Costs. By utilizing our business plan (no facility overhead), we place our resources into the “Best” preparers.
  • We Know the Georgia Standards. Because of our focus, all preparers are significantly involved in your student’s curriculum, transferring what they have learned in school to their test preparation.
  • We Nurture Your Student to Achieve Their Goals. We build confidence and suggest ways to reduce stress.


We love what we do. Our clients love our passion. We love to see our students' success.

Adam has worked with my son since he was a freshman in high school. Knowing that he is going to meet with Adam each week has been a comfort. In three years of tutoring Adam was always on time and never once had to reschedule, he is extremely reliable. He also accommodates us if we needed extra time such as with finals. Adam is very familiar with the high school math curriculum, patient and great with kids. I highly recommend Adam if you are in the market for a high school math tutor

"-Brenda A."

"Very happy with your work with Ben."

"-Craig P."

"Adam has tutored my daughter for the past two years. He is an amazing tutor, professional, patient, and punctual. With his help, my daughter has been able to understand and keep up with her math concepts and studies. Highly recommend Adam."

"-Helena H."

"Adam is very professional. He is on time and dependable. He has helped my 8th grade son build confidence while helping him earn an A in math. We highly recommend him."

"-Alyssa & Scott S."

"Amanda looks forward to tutoring each week. Tutoring has given her the confidence to participate in class, as well as improved her grade."

"-Lynn & Jeff K."

"Adam is an amazing math tutor. He is very patient and kind and works with you until you understand the concepts. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a tutor."

"-Isabel & Eric (students)"

"Adam is an excellent tutor who always has a vast knowledge and understanding of any [math] subjects that the kids come and ask help for. Very kind and friendly. I would recommend him to any student. A truly intelligent man he is!"

"-SamiaNaz & Nadeem Iqbal"

"-SamiaNaz & Nadeem Iqbal"

"I would recommend Adam seven days a week and twice on Sundays! He is extremely bright, patient, and punctual! We couldn't be happier with the help he has provided my son over the last two years!"

"-Leah Price & Jason Smith"

"Adam, Thank you so much for your EXCELLENT WORK. Our teen received outstanding grades all 4 years you tutored - from HS Algebra to College Calculus. You are VERY PROFESSIONAL in every way - work ethic, punctuality, reliability, student-teacher rapport, etc. Your tutoring is the BEST INVESTMENT in education. It has been a pleasure to know you!"

"-Jim & Claudia C."

"Adam has tutored my child in high school Algebra and Geometry for the past two years. His calm and caring demeanor has made math less stressful. With Adam's tutoring sessions, my child has grown in confidence and has a better understanding of math concepts being taught in class. Along with Adam's excellent teaching skills, he is very organized and reliable."


"Getting my sons to pick up their math books used to be far tougher than getting the proverbial dog into that bath tub. They squirmed, they resisted, they cried, they complained... in other words, they just plain hated Math. That was before Adam walked in our door and into their Math-averse lives. 3 years on, the kids now look forward to their weekly dosage of quadratic, trignometric, geometric, algebraic and calculus vitamins, and better, they simply like it. And this is no small parts to the great teaching techniques of Adam, who is instrumental in the kids' grades climbing up a rung or two. How I wish he also taught Grammar, Social Sciences, French, Spanish, Biology, Chemistry, Physics... Here's to another year of fun filled journey into the mystic world of Math! Thank you!"

"-Sastry V."

"Since you started tutoring Tej, his school grades improved significantly. He is more confident. Thanks for all your help."


"Adam has tutored two of my sons in mathematics over the last 8 years. He has truly made a difference in my sons' success in school. We greatly appreciate Mario's efforts and services and provide our endorsement of his tutoring services. Thank you!"

"-Nancy & Matt G."

"Adam has been a great help to both of my boys. He walks them through the concepts and shows them all the different ways a problem can be presented. He is prompt and courteous. I would highly recommend him to anyone and already have several times!"

"-John & Shelley"

"Adam has been a great resource for my son. He has moved my son from "I think I know the concepts" to "I know the concepts." My son has received all A's in honors math since working with Mario. I give Adam the highest review unless you want Thursdays at 6:45 p.m."(...meaning they don't want anyone taking their spot!)

"-Tom & Ann Marie V."

"Adam has been a great help to my two kids. We have had him tutor them for 2 years starting in 8th grade. As high school math started becoming more challenging, Adam has been able to keep them on track. He is very patient and explains things well."

"- Laurie & Orest V.""

"Adam has tutored both of my daughters for the past four years. I can't say enough about how valuable he has been. He has a very organized and understandable approach to teaching math. He has been instrumental in filling in the gaps, so to speak. As a result, a solid knowledge of concepts and problem solving skills were developed. These skills made them very successful in their college level math coursework as well."

"- Kim D."

"Adam was very helpful and patient with my son. He explained things in a step, by step manner. He was professional, on time and reliable. My son enjoyed working with him and his grades reflected the work he and Adam had accomplished."

"- Debbie Grimes"

"Adam has been instrumental in ensuring that our daughters understand the concepts they are studying in school. We are so thankful we found him!!!"

"- Joe & Amanda S. "

"Adam has tutored me for 4 years. I started in Middle School. I had a C+ grade in Honors Algebra. I soon turned that grade into an A. I am currently taking Honors Geometry with a B+. Adam simplifies math and asks lots of questions and allows me to practice what he teaches. Adam uses real life examples that help me understand the usefulness of math."

"-Ronald G."

"Adam is an excellent tutor. Our son has excelled in math for over two years with the help of tutoring with Adam. Adam is very flexible and provides a learning environment for your son or daughter to enjoy math and perform well."

"- John & Denise W."

"Great Tutor. Reliable and definitely assisted with student's understanding of Pre-Calc."

"- AnnaLee/Joe P."


Get to know the talented group of educators here to help your family.

Adam Bykofsky Math and TestPrep Tutor

26 years classroom experience. 15+ years tutoring 6-12 math, ACT/SAT, college algebra and GACE.

Aly Brown Math and TestPrep Tutor

32 years classroom experience. 25+ years tutoring 6-12 math, ACT/SAT, college algebra and GACE. 2-time teacher of the year, Finalist in Gwinnett County, winner in Forsyth County.

Stephanie Garrison Reading & TestPrep Tutor

10+ years as a school psychologist, 8+ years as a professional counselor, ages pre-K - 12th grade M.s. In Professional Counseling, M.S./ Ed.S. School Psychologist


For the most accurate dates please check the following: NOTE: Dates listed below are for general reference only and subject to change.
ACT 2019
  • February 9 Register by January 11
  • April 13 Register by March 8
  • June 8 Register by May 3
  • July 13 Register by June 14
  • September 7 Register by August 4
  • October 26 Register by September 20
  • December 7 Register by November 1
**Always check act.org for changes and updates
SAT 2019
  • March 9 Register by February 8
  • May 4 Register by April 5
  • June 1 Register by May 3
  • August 24 Register by July 24
  • October 5 Register by September 5
  • November 2 Register by October 2
  • December 7 Register by November 7
**Always check act.org for changes and updates