The best test takers are prepared test takers. Scoring well on tests first depends on knowing your gaps. I will give you a free assessment, and create a custom plan for you. Once I teach you the concepts, I will give you opportunity to practice, honing your math skills, and learning the best test-taking strategies. I will clearly teach you the underlying concepts and problem solving techniques, reinforced with focused practice, versus confusing techniques that may be forgotten on test day. My students have increased their SAT math scores by an average of 100 points, their ACT math scores by an average of 4 points. I have helped many pass the ASVAB and realize their goal of joining the military. If you are lost in math class, and dread going to school, I can help you turn your class around. My goal is to unlock your potential and enable you to achieve your best grade.

I enjoy working with students to grasp math concepts for basic math, Prealgebra, Trig, Geometry and Algebra 1 and 2. I have worked in a math lab working each week to explain math problems to students in a way they understand. I have helped failing students pass, and moved students from "Bs" to "As".

I have an STEM degree from BGSU a master's degree in STEM from Bowling Green State University, and have taught math classes and SAT/ACT preparation classes got the last 26 years, working with students of varying learning styles. As I work with students to help them understand math problems, they often say "is that all I have to do?" Typical math problems on these tests can be solved in just a few lines of work, once you know the proper approach. I enjoy working with students and get excited along with students when they see their tests scores improve. My goal is for each student to achieve their best score on these tests to improve their chances of being admitted to the college of their choice, and increase their chances to earn college scholarships.

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