We also tutor students in basic math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry & Calculus

math tutoring

Available to meet at your home if you live in Forsyth County. Alternatively, students can be met at a local bookstore or Library in the area

I recommend students commit to a weekly session to get noticeable benefits. Students generally find a day and time that works and that weekly appointment is reserved just for them. Some students like to meet twice per week and others just when they need additional help. In general, meeting once per week is the preferred frequency for most students.

My goal is to help students feel comfortable and confident with math and to help them boost their understanding and their grade. Towards this goal, sessions are customized for what each student needs.

In any given session areas are covered where there are questions or confusion first. Then, time can be spent reviewing recent topics and some time previewing upcoming topics. Also, preparing for quizzes and tests is an ongoing part of math so simulating the quiz or test taking experience is focused on as well. Furthermore, while working with a student weak areas that are uncovered can be reviewed and worked on so as to fill in these gaps.

It is recommended that students bring all their math materials to the sessions. Books, past quizzes/tests, worksheets, calculators, graphing calculators, pencils, etc. Also, I suggest attempting some or all of the current homework so questions can be addressed and quality time be spent working on areas of confusion, reviewing and previewing new material as needed.

Cancellation Policy: A prior day's notice is required on all cancellatios or schedule changes. Same day cancellations / schedule changes are responsible for payment of the missed session.