Our Test Prep Processes

junior year
first semester juniors junior year rising senior(summer)
plan to take both the ACT and SAT tests without prep

Particuar in our Summer Small Group Baseline Prep
  • Maximum four(4) students per group
  • Six(6) Tuesdays to choose form
    • Choose three(3) dates only


Take our two(2) or four(4)-hour Baseline prep prior to each test
  • One-on-one
Determine Focus Test

Prep an take Focus Test(ACT & SAT) twice
Students who follow our program are eligible for our "No Charge" Summer Program
senior year
first semester seniors  
Prep and take Focus Test

Six or Eight-hour Program

expectations for students

The test prep matters team has a set of expectations for our students. Students who meet our expectations tend to have better results than those students who choose to ignore these suggestions.


five important questions

Successful Test Prep requires planning. These are five questions that every student need to answer before beginning their preperation for the ACT or SAT.


the night before the test

The night before the test is a time for rest and relaxations, not a time for studying. Here are some suggestions to help you the night before you take the ACT or SAT.


test day

You have prepared and now you can go into the test with confidence. The time management strategies you have learned will help you control the day.